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A rather pitiful fourth of July
 So I haven't been posting of lately but I plan on checking up on all the event that have been happening recently. So attending summer school working a part-time job while trying to get into a university has been quiet an overload. So today i decided to go swimming in the apartment pool with my boyfriend to only get chewed out by the rudest woman i have every seen. She came down from her apartment to yelled at us cause we were being 'disgusting.' And yet she didn't even know what was going on which really upset me to no end. Many people don't know that I am not the best swimmer and my boyfriend was trying to teach me to swim so i one day could go snorkeling with him. Being a good boyfriend he was giving me a little peck on the lips to encourage me to got into the six foot end of the pool where its water would reach over my head. We were laughing and playing with a beach ball. Then she began to yell calling us horrible names threatening to report us because she was a peeping tom.    


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