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Sicker, better, sicker
 School was absolutely the most boring thing for me. Homework check, learning applications problems and wasting time.  It took what felt like forever but when i got out of class time didn't seem to move fast enough to get home and start of my boyfriends chicken noodle soup.I suck at cooking so upon returning to the apartment i had to enlist my moms help to make the soup. I felt like i needed to rush to see victor as he texted me telling me to hurry to tear through time and space. But no matter how much i wanted to be there by his side i know it would take longer as i had to pick up my pay check. After i picked up my pay check i speed down the highway at normal speed before exiting the highway to only get stuck behind the train threatening to make me late to ^!(*@%'s house. (since he asked not to have his name in my blog.) My heart raced and ache all i wanted to do was bring him his soup and cuddle with him telling him how much i wanted him to feel better and help manage his room. Finally reaching his house the spring sun had taken it's toll on me. My blood was screaming to stay out of the sun and i felt slightly dazed feeling like a ten year old young alive. His dad was working on loading the branches into his garbage truck. I kindly thanked him for retrieving the key i had locked in my car last weekend. I made my way through the garage up the stairs till i reached his room. I stood outside his room staring at his sliding door that marked the entrance to his room though i had been in his room three, four times before i  found my self worried about what i would see. Finally after a deep silent breath i opened the door to see him laying on his black futon cocooned in many thin but fluffy blankets. His long dark wavy/curly brown hair was pulled back in a red bandanna making him look a little like a sick male anime character. I gave him soup he was happy after waiting all morning to eat what i made him which made me extremely happy.  


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