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Better day
 But my heart can't help but to feel uneasy about Victors words to me yesterday. I wonder how it will impact him later on if he really thinks that. I mean he's never done anything to hurt me. We were friend two years before we started to date. All i want to do is be by his side smiling and laughing. I know there bounds to be bumps in the road but still i want to stay by his side. I think i deserve him. No one has excepted me more completely than he has and i am thankful for it. Don['t get me wrong my parents are great but they still can't accept me for who i am totally. They want me most of the time to dress preppy which i can't do or get a tan. The only thing Victor seems to ask is that i be real  with him. I could dream of a better man to share my thoughts and feelings with. I am truly blessed. 
  My family to be perfectly is rather unlucky. We have the worse run of luck so I can't help but to feel blessed to find someone i can completely love with out them rejecting me. Man if you could only see me now. I am starting to cry. God, I love him so much that when I am without him i just feel like i am drowning. I hope my poem got accepted in the literary journal I feel that's the only way i can really get him to see how much i love him. 

                                                                                           Thank you, My muse  

                                                                               You that is my inspiration for everyday

Always being my friend through think and thin

The thing that fills my life with joy

I want to be at your side as long as I can


To me you’re the moon, the stars, the summer night after a long day

 My Helen of troy


We’ll always be friends in the end

 and each moment we spent is a gift

 When I was lost you gave me your hand

 Every new experience brings smiles to my heart


Though we are different, we are a like

We are more, we are best friends

our kindred hearts now beat as one

 I want your happiness


 So in the end always remember me

 and I will do the same



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