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A very unhappy day
 Today was an absolutely horrifying it went from a pleasent morning from waking up with my best friend, my love to having him tell me he wan't to join the Navy. That's when my heart shattered my day fell apart. All I could think is how idoit. How could he do this leave me after we just got to this part. Going from being in love from being friends and now he wants to just go. For what he thinks I need to be financally secure. But that dumb idiot doesn't even see it no matter how much i say it. I don't need to be finically secure what i need is for the person i love that i still have spent enough time together to spend some more time together. No matter how sad i being to fall into myself realizing i am truly alone I am. How just cause he signs up it will take six years for them to pay for school and he might even get killed. but the damn idiot he thinks he nothing bad might happen. I can take care of myself and don't need for him to be a white knight to save me. I have seen not, i have had enough hardship to stand on my own. But the one thing i can't take is him leaving. After moving in with him he decides that after i moved my job to be closer to our new place he does this to me. But I can't stay here if he leaves i will cause i can't do this wait and be alone. He says he loves me and yet he is so selfish. What about our dreams? Dreams of attending college together living, getting our own place together. i will not let mhy self be hurt anymore. My heart screams don't go. But he obvioiusly wont listen. I want to become my darker half run and escape from this horribe pain. If he love me why do this to me? Shelfish. That's what he is. he can't find the job so what he decides to just join the navy. He has his AA already and almost finished his bachelor to become a surge now you say your not giving it up then why are you going to join the Navy. You tried to cheer me up today thinking i have accepted you going to the navy but i haven't'. You hurt me sliced me down the middle all i want is for you to be here how could you do this to me.    


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