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Sucker punch
 So it was Saturday i spent the whole day working and got off at four thirty semi nostalgic over the up coming idea that con was going to be next weekend leaving me wanting rewatch some older anime working to some newer ones. I spoke to the person who i love so dearly. Through the phone me made me smile. I felt deeply sad over how selfishly i acted friday wishing i wasn't such a screw up. His love is something i treasure so deeply i am not able to deny i am afraid if i move to fast or do something wrong in our relationship it will start to fall apart. Because i want to tell him how much i love him. I know he knows but i feel like i keep drowning. I need to hold him look into his eyes. Tell him 'I haven't the slightest idea how to explain how much i love you. You mean so much to me i want to protect this what we have. It makes me feel so strong and centered like i can do anything. I want you to know ever moment i see you i can't remember the loneliness i have once felt deep down. I can barely stand being alone for the sake of god. When i am alone i feel lonely and all i want is for you to hold me. I would stand for you if you couldn't stand and i would die for you.'   
 You all might think yep that's one phsyco stalkery kind of girl friend well you might be right but i just want to make him happy. I want so much to thank him for walking into my life remind me what it was like to be in love to feel so untouched by the world and confide with in someone else. So go ahead and think what you want. I want to teach him all i know and in return have him teach me all he has to know. To share. I love him so much. Though the greatest part of the day came when i was at home thinking how much i wanted to see the movie sucker punch but thought it would be nicer to have him ask me rather than me ask him to the movies and then walla he text's me out of the blue asking if i want to see the movie which made me extremely happy.


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