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Writer's Block: Teenage dream
If you arrived at your front door and saw your first love standing there, what would you do or say?

My ex-john (thought was first love more like lust)
"Didn't i already tell you to get the hell away from me. All you did was hurt me and cheat on me! Don't you get it I don't want you around.You stole from me and hurt me. Do you not get it the man I am with now is wonderful, kind, smart, and driven. He inspires me to be great just as i inspire him. If i wanted scum in my life i would have tracked down a drug dealer. So get the HELL of my porch." Walk pass him go inside ready to defend my self in case he wants to get aggressive with me. Look over shoulder, " by the way If you don't leave right now i am calling the cops for harassing me. You already have a warning from the police to stay away from me. I sure they would like to haul you down and look at your criminal record." Slam door.

Victor truly a first loving him. (More like actual love)
Though if it was the guy that i sincerely love right now that feels more like love then my ex I would probably grin before walking up the stairs to the door. "The doors unlocked. So, why are you waiting outside." Smile, kiss him, give his hand a good squeeze to make him smile. "Come on, my muse lets write together."


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